The world of RUMBLESLAM is one of dizzying highs and staggering lows. It’s one of bright lights cheering fans, bloody noses, bruised bodies, and sometimes even fatalities. Life and death pass by in the ring to the cheering and jubilant fans or the booing of a disappointed crowd. Stars are made and broken within those four ropes, surrounded by the glitz and glamour of luxurious casinos, the depravity of excess and the theatrics of the ring. The road to RUMBLESLAM glory is one paved with blood, sweat and more than a few tears. The life of a wrestler is a fickle one, but the RUMBLESLAM belt is an ever-present motivator.


Welcome to the world of RUMBLESLAM – the original game of fantasy wrestling! In this fast-paced, action packed game you’ll experience the highs and lows of professional wrestling, using skill, speed, power, dirty tricks, and maybe even a little bit of magic to overcome your opponent and expel their wrestlers from the ring! This flamboyant game was designed to be a quick, fun game that can be played within an hour. It features a huge selection of superstars, teams, tag teams and wrestlers that will provide countless hours of excitement. With players constantly rolling dice or moving models, everyone will remain active throughout the entire game.


RUMBLESLAM is bursting at the seams with a wide variety of wrestlers. From the vicious theatrics of the Superstars at Gomorrah to the opulence and gracefulness of the Superstars at The Forest Soul; there is a casino and wrestler that will grasp everyone’s interest. The miniatures might only be 28mm in height, but they’re exuding with personality. Cast in-house at TTCombat’s warehouse, these ostentatious little fighters are beautifully scultped and are equally as enjoyable to paint.


RUMBLESLAM is a fast paced yet easy to play wrestling game that truly captures the excitement of the real thing. RUMBLESLAM is easy enough for beginners to get started straight away yet thrilling enough to keep even the most seasoned of player to enjoy. Since its release, RUMBLESLAM has spread far and wide with stores all over the world stocking it; we continue to receive countless reorders from all of the stores that have stocked it. You and your customers will surely not be disappointed with RUMBLESLAM on your shelves.