TTCombat are a miniatures games design and manufacturing company based in Cornwall, England. Their products include a diverse range of games; from the flamboyancy of RUMBLESLAM to the blood curdling terrors of Carnevale to the war-torn Sci-Fi games that are DropZone and DropFleet, there is something for everyone.

TTCombat didn’t starter out as a games developer; their venture first began with the design and manufacturing of MDF scenery for the tabletop industry. Their warehouse has on-site laser cutters, enabling them to ensure a finished product that is of a high-quality but also for an affordable price.

TTCombat’s range of scenery, known as Tabletop Scenics, are terrain kits designed for miniature wargaming. They’re specially made for gaming, taking into account every aspect of the games they’re used in. From modular walkways to removable flooring, each kit is designed from the ground up (literally) to make the most out of the terrain in your games.

Tabletop Scenics include several different ranges, spanning from ancient Eastern all the way to far off future. The kits are made from 3mm MDF and accessorised with 1mm greyboard along with specific resin accessories packs to complement each range.

ttcombat tabletop scenics city streets logo
ttcombat tabletop scenics city streets motel

City Streets

Take a walk down pristine suburban streets or along a busy harbour side. The once-bustling downtown buildings have now been boarded up, and a look down a back alley will reveal piles of trash, torn mattresses, and maybe even a body.

City Streets contains a massive variety of modern buildings, from Comic Stores to Abandoned Brownstones. Extra detailing like Refuse Skips and Billboard Sets help to accessorise your gaming board, as does the huge range of Back Alley Accessories resin kits.

The City Streets range is designed for 28-32mm gaming and is perfect for games like The Walking Dead or Batman Miniature Game.

ttcombat tabletop scenics eastern empires logo

Eastern Empires

Step into the past with Eastern Empires. A simpler time of quiet reflection awaits, if you can be safe from the Samurai and Ninjas! Sit and reflect by a Hokora or watch the cherry blossom fall silently into the lilly ponds.

Eastern Empires is a range of terrain kits ranging from the delicate Torii Gates all the way up to the grand stature of the Yu Pagoda. Populate your gaming table with Minka buildings, or add extra details with the unique Eastern Accessories resin kits.

The Eastern Empires range is designed for 28-32mm gaming and is perfect for games set in Feudal China or ancient Japan like Test of Honour or Bushido.

ttcombat tabletop scenics eastern empire pagoda
ttcombat tabletop scenics fantasy realms logo

Fantasy Realms

Score a critical hit! Narrowly escape a horde of hobgoblins! Summon unholy energy to pass between realms! Delve into the deepest dungeon or garrison your castle walls as you fight for supremacy of whatever fantasy universe you desire.

The Fantasy Realms range is perfect for old school or newer gamers alike. With the Dungeon Tiles Sets and Deluxe Dungeon Set you’re able to easily and quickly layout your role-playing sessions, and kits like the Castle Set or Minor Riftgates are perfect for larger fantasy battles.

The Fantasy Realms range is designed for 28-32mm gaming and has many products specifically designed for role-playing games. Gamers of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Dungeons & Dragons, or Pathfinder will all find something here.

ttcombat tabletop scenics fantasy realms towers
ttcombat tabletop scenics gaming accessories boards logo

Gaming Boards

Imagine a sprawling vista or the cramped feeling of tightly packed corridors, a massive city or a busy harbour. Gaming boards are the very first step in realising your vision. With plain MDF Gaming Boards for detailing yourself, or evocative designs like Death Quadrant, the Gaming Boards range has a large range of kits to start your battlefield from the ground up.

Our range of Gaming Boards spans scales, from 10mm cities up to 32mm space stations. There’s something for players of every game.

ttcombat tabletop scenics gaming accessories boards
ttcombat tabletop scenics industrial hive logo

Industrial Hive

The heat of a tightly packed hive city is cloying. Heavy duty machinery and thick steel is presented at every turn. The hive is a complex maze of overlapping walkways, manufacturing floors, air ducts, and bubbling chem vats.

Industrial Hive is a range specially designed for action-packed skirmish games. Utilising the multiple height platforms of the Industrial Complexes is key to victory, as is ducking behind barriers on Walkways or taking cover behind Chemical Storage Tanks. The Industrial Hive kits are designed to be affordable, easy to put together, and fully modular to produce new setups for each game. They’re customisable to, either by combining different Sectors, or through detailing with Ventilation Sets, or Doors and Hatches, all available in high quality resin.

The Industrial Hive range is designed for 28-32mm gaming, and is perfect for tense skirmish games like Necromunda and Infinity.

ttcombat tabletop scenics industrial sector one 1
ttcombat tabletop scenics landscape accessories logo


Ever feel that your gaming board could use a little more life? Or maybe just a splash of colour? Landscaping Accessories provides all of that and more! With trees, foliage, and even lampposts all in various scales and styles, you’re sure to find something to decorate your board with.

Wire-framed Chestnut Trees, Birch Trees, and even Pink Cherry Blossom Trees are all available, alongside various shades of Static Grass. Several different styles of lamppost will fit all sorts of games, and are wired with LEDs for lighting up your board!

Landscaping Accessories has products for a huge variety of scales, so there really is something for everyone!

ttcombat tabletop scenics landscape accessories trees
ttcombat tabletop scenics sci-fi gothic

Sci-Fi Gothic

The harsh and unfeeling future cares not for luxuries of modern day. This is a war-torn universe where you’ll be equally likely to be bunkering down in a ruined building as you are to be taking cover behind some ancient alien monolith. The war is here, and it is unceasing.

Sci-Fi Gothic is a vast range of kits perfectly suited for wargaming. From Mecharium Containers for hiding behind, to Cyber Guns able to take aim at anyone that passes, there are products for every occasion (provided that occasion includes war!). The resin Gothic Accessories kits are second to none – affordable and extremely useful for detailing your battlefield, and the unparalleled Ruin Sector is the best selling MDF kit in the entire Tabletop Scenics range – providing an entire gaming board’s worth of terrain for under the cost of lots of single miniatures!

The Sci-Fi Gothic range is perfect for 28-32mm gaming, specifically designed for games of Warhammer 40,000. There’s never been an easier and more affordable way to populate your grimmest, darkest gaming table.

ttcombat tabletop scenics sci-fi gothic servitialis
ttcombat tabletop scenics sci-fi utopia

Sci-Fi Utopia

If a grim dark future isn’t for you, look no further than the sprawling vista of Sci-Fi Utopia. Take a stroll down bustling streets full of pan-ethnic food stalls, or take control over a seemingly deserted outpost off-world. You can even travel to far off planets to uncover pre-civilisation technology. The universe is your oyster!

Sci-Fi Utopia has a large range of products for all sorts of worlds. Gravity Lifts can set the stage for a high-tech showdown, or you can spend your games running around a maze of Walkways, Landing Pads, and Generators, all the while avoiding fire from huge Railgun Defence Platforms. With a massive array of soft cover from Small Crates, to Drum Barrels, and even Vending Machines, your infantry will never be left out in the open.

Sci-Fi Utopia is a range made for 28-32mm gaming, and is perfect for using in games of Infinity, Deadzone, or Star Wars Legion – to name but a few!

ttcombat tabletop scenics sci-fi utopia forebearing beason
ttcombat tabletop scenics sci-fi x logo

Sci-Fi X

When getting up close and personal just isn’t enough war for you, why not take the scale out a bit? Rather than fighting over small settlements, fight instead over entire cities! Level buildings or climb through massive skyscrapers to find what you’re looking for.

Sci-Fi X is a range specifically designed for our game Dropzone Commander. Each MDF kit is a perfect upgrade to the standard card buildings. There’s nothing quite like fighting over a fully realised city, complete with municipal buildings, military installations, and plenty of residential towers.

The Sci-Fi X range is made for 10mm gaming, and although designed for Dropzone Commander, is perfect for lots of different small scale games.

ttcombat tabletop scenics sci-fi x buildings
ttcombat tabletop scenics streets of venice logo

Streets of Venice

Walking through the canals of Venice is a usually serene task, although in the world of Carnevale a simple stroll can often be met with disaster. None are safe to walk the streets of the Serenissima at night as vicious forces vying for power fight tooth and nail (and sometimes claw) for control of the Sestieres.

The Streets of Venice range is designed for our game Carnevale, a game of vicious fighting along the canals. The evocative MDF kits allow you to create an intricate gaming board full of tightly packed buildings. Venetian Plaza and Street Sections can be used to map out the canals of Venice, spanned by Lion Bridges. Venetian Townhouses and Noble Houses can fill up a gaming board, giving rooftops to climb up and leap across in daring shows of acrobatic prowess. Stalk your prey from above and jump down onto them to deliver the killing blow.

Streets of Venice is designed for 28-32mm gaming, and although perfect for recreating Venice in games of Carnevale, is also a fitting backdrop for historical gaming across Europe.

ttcombat tabletop scenics streets of venice store b
ttcombat tabletop scenics wild west logo

Wild West

Yee haw! Rustle up them horses and drink some whiskey! Then rob a train and shoot some bottles from a fence! It’s the rootin’ tootin’ Wild West! Alright, my knowledge of the Wild West doesn’t extend much further than some old movies and a few miniatures games.

However, the Wild West range spans much further than that! With General Stores, Saloons, Train Stations, Churches, Warehouses, and even Station Wagons and Windmills, there is everything you could ever possibly need for gaming in the Old West, or some kind of fictional, magical, or otherworldy version thereof! Combined with large MDF kits like the Townhouse Buildings & Gallows collection, there is also a range of resin Western Accessories for adding a little more detail to your games.

The Wild West range is designed for 28-32mm gaming and is perfect for games like Wild West Exodus, Malifaux, or most US-based historical games.

ttcombat tabletop scenics wild west hotel
ttcombat tabletop scenics world war logo

World War

The bombs are falling and tanks are rolling in! Buildings are blasted apart and rubble fills the streets. It’s time to fight not just for country, but for the sake of the world itself.

The World War range has a selection of MDF kits perfect for recreating World War 1 or World War 2 gaming. Shops, Townhouses, and even Bunkers are available for fighting over, with ruined versions to create war-torn occupied cities.

World War contains both 10mm and 28mm buildings, designed for games like Flames of War, Tanks, and Bolt Action, but is perfect in any historical war setting.

ttcombat tabletop scenics world war buildings

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