Micro Art Studio are known as one of the largest and best manufacturers of war-games accessories, bases and scenery.

With repeated success in Kickstarter campaigns, Micro Art Studio have been able to bring their skirmish tabletop game to life as well as provide the war-gaming community with a spectacular range of polyurethane foam terrain.

micro art studios bases


After the success of the successful Kickstarter campaign where Micro Art and CoolMiniOrNot teamed up to create the next generation of miniature bases, Micro Art now offer an extensive amount of resin bases ranging is a vast number of different sizes to enable every type of war-gamer the opportunity to purchase beautifully crafted resin bases for their miniatures.

Bases come in two parts, the first piece is a highly detailed terrain insert. The second piece is a black satin base, with a recessed center that holds the insert. This two part system creates a cohesive and beautiful base for your miniatures.


Based on the unmistakable designs of Paul Kidby, Micro Art have fantastically bought the classic works of Sir Terry Pratchett to life through the the officially licensed Discworld miniature series.

The comic fantasy book series is based on the fictional Discworld, a flat disc which balances on the backs of four elephants which in turn stand on the back of a giant turtle known as the Great A’Tuin. The Discworld book series has succeeded in capturing the imaginations of millions of people since the first book in 1983.

Micro Art have done the series proud with their beautifully crafted metal miniatures. Each and every Discworld miniature is oozing with character and made to an extremely high quality at 30mm scale. These stunning miniatures will not look out of place alongside any fan’s Discworld collection.

micro art studios discworld terry pratchett

Designed for Infinity

Infinity is a tabletop war-game in which sci-fi themed miniatures are used to simulate futuristic skirmishes; it is a groundbreaking, dynamic system that allows you to make meaningful, fun choices throughout the entire game sequence, and gives you the tools to implement any number of strategies with realism and flexibility.

With the Designed for Infinity series by Micro Art, you can build your own unique

All Designed for Infinity products are designed in collaboration with Corvus Belli specifically for Infinity The Game.

micro art studios designed for infinity micro art studios designed for infinity micro art studios designed for infinity


There are a couple of varieties in Micro Art scenery to choose from. There is beautifully cast resin pieces, hard-wearing and highly impressive HDF buildings, and finally lightweight but durable hard-foam.

Resin scenery is fantastic due to the fact that it can contain more detail per piece that isn’t as achievable with HDF or Hard-foam.

HDF stands for High Density Fiberboard; most people are familiar with MDF, HDF is very similar except that is it denser and more versatile than MDF. The additions of laser etched details really add depth and detail to enhance the finished, painted product.

Hard Foam is amazing because it’s lightweight, durable and easy to cut with a knife to make any alterations to add a uniqueness to your scenery that sets it apart from everyone else’s.

All scenery will work well with any 28mm scale miniature game.

micro art studios scenery


Micro Art Studio mats are like a work of art; they are beautiful. But their beauty doesn’t compromise their durability. Micro Art Studio mats are highly praised for the added quality the art brings to the gaming table all the while being able to stand up against continuous heavy use.

All mats are made with a polyester and rubber mixture. The top half of the mat is a high quality printout on polyester surface, while the bottom half is made out of rubber to prevent it slipping on a table surface. You may find that it is similar to “mouse pad” material.

micro art studios mats micro art studios mats micro art studios mats

Wild West Exodus

Wild West Exodus is a dynamic, fast-paced tabletop miniatures game pitting a cast of heroic characters against each other in a brutal world – very much a twisted reflection of our own.

No Ninteenth Centuary battleground would be complete without the impressive HDF buildings and hard-foam scenery pieces expertly designed at Micro Art.

microart wwx wild west exodus

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