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Because we believe that the customer comes first, we will do our very best to ensure customer satisfacton at all times

Our Mission

Here at Kingsley Distribution, we pride ourselves on our fast, honest and professional service, as well as our incredible catalogue of ranges.

Being a leading wargaming distributor makes us one of the best places to get wargames and specialist stock or accessories for the tabletop industry. We began trading in 2009 and have quickly become established as one of the best in our field.

With a varied and large selection of ranges to choose from, we can cater to almost any need you, or your customers, might require. We are official distributors for several extremely popular ranges such as: TTCombat, Infinity, Army Painter and many more!

At Kingsley Distribution, we believe the customer comers first; we will do our utmost to ensure customer satisfaction at all times.

Why Choose Kingsley Distribution


Our staff are extremely knowledgeable in our product ranges to ensure you receive the best advice to start-up or expand your current range.


We pride ourselves in our rapid service and efficient turnaround of orders. All mainland Uk orders are shipped via 24 hour courier delivery.


We sell to over 300 stores in the UK alone, and are continually expanding in customers in Europe, USA and the rest of the world.

We’d Love to Hear from you

We are UK based but we have been providing services around the world for many years.

Our office is open from Monday to Friday between 9am and 9pm GMT

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